Reasons to Join the Union

The next time you are speaking to a colleague who is not in the Union, share some of these points of view.

Why You Should Join the United Faculty of Florida

  • Because the UFF negotiates with the FIU administration the collective bargaining agreement that determines our salaries and conditions and terms of employment
  • Because more members means a stronger union and a better agreement
  • Because the collective bargaining agreement has the status of law, and is therefore enforceable by the grievance and arbitration procedure
  • Because without a grievance procedure, the only way to defend your rights would be for you to hire a lawyer and sue the university over issues like academic freedom, assignments, evaluations, leaves, tenure, discrimination, discipline, intellectual property rights, summer pay, and a host of others
  • Because without the union, the administration will impose a top-down corporate management structure, which would treat us as expendable employees, rather than the collegial governance approach the union is trying to defend
  • Because membership brings a $1 million liability insurance policy, in case you are sued in connection with your job
  • Because you have a free consultation with an attorney on non-employment related issues, and reduced attorney charges if you need to retain one
  • Because you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your auto and home insurance

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Why I Belong To An Academic Union

I am a reluctant academic unionist who has "retired" from active union work, and have happily returned to the status of "dues-paying member." In addition to having given some of my time to UFF [The United Faculty of Florida], I have paid dues for more than 24 years; and since I consider every penny I earn to be sacred, I must have some reasons (my wife certainly hopes, and expects, that they be good ones) for being a member of an academic union... (Read the rest of the article).

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Am I Not Already Covered by the Collective Bargaing Agreement?

Yes. The Union at FIU is an open shop, meaning that every faculty member is covered by the collective bargaining agreement without becoming a member of the Union. However, if everyone did this , then there would be no Union. This is particularly true now. We are now a separate entity unto ourselves. We bargain directly with the Board of Trustees. We no longer have the power of a large statewide membership behind us at the bargaining table. The only membership that will affect the Board of Trustees is the number of members at FIU.

While everyone is COVERED by the union contract, if you are not a member, the union will not ENFORCE that contract for you.

  • Many non-members have found that it can cost them thousands of dollars to enforce the contract because they have to hire a lawyer to handle enforcement and arbitration matters.
  • Non-members lose out on a $1 million liability insurance policy that comes with membership.

The Union Contract covers a lot more than salary

  • Academic Freedom
  • Nondiscrimination
  • Self Governance
  • Grievance Process. Please review the new Grievance Process.

These rights are under attack. Are they important to you?

Download the Membership Form

Membership Form

Please print the membership form and fill it out. Then please print two copies of the membership form, sign them, and send them to one of the following officers. You may hand it to them, mail it, or scan and email it.

University Park
Tim Downey
University Instructor
School of Computing and Information Sciences
ECS 354
FIU, Modesto Madique Campus
Miami, FL 33199
Email: Tim Downey
Biscayne Bay Campus
Mosees Shumow
FIU, Biscayne Bay Campus
North Miami, FL 33181
Email: Moses Shumow

The Union Difference

Download the Membership Form

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Chapter President Eric Dwyer
Grievance Chairperson Lauren Christos

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