Current Collective Bargaining Agreement

Knowing Your Contract and Understanding Common Issues

It is part of our ongoing effort to inform all faculty not only of their rights under the CBA, but to inform all faculty of the value of being a UFF member. Our CBA is the outcome of years of dedicated UFF Bargaining teams who see value in protecting our rights. Lastly, this is a legally binding agreement and must be adhered to by all parties.

Bargaining Agreement History

Bargaining History

Spring 2020 Bargaining
Spring 2019 Bargaining
Spring 2018 Bargaining
Spring 2017 Bargaining
Fall 2016 Bargaining
Fall 2011 Bargaining
Fall 2010 Bargaining
Fall 2009 Bargaining
2008 Bargaing
Summer 2008 Bargaining
Fall 2008 Bargaining
2006 Bargaining
2005 Bargaining
2004 Bargaining

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